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Haug complete static testing kit

Posted 7/6/2012

A must have for all maintenance teams.

Static electrical charges, apart from being a nuisance, can cause a range of operational issues. This can lead to product wastage, productivity disruption and can costs business money.

One issue with static electrical charges is the fact that it cant be seen, how do you pin point where the issue lies? Do you know how high the charges are?

For this reason, we have created the Haug complete static testing kit, whether you already have Haug ionizing bars attached or your struggling with charges, this kit is ideal for you.

How do you know whether your bars are still working effectively? This brings us to the first item in the kit, the Multicheck, this simple and easy to use device will let you know whether your bars and powerpack are working efficiently or not.

Just hold the end of the device on the pins of your bar, push the large red button and a red or green LED light will let you know how effective the bar is. If no light comes on, the bar is ineffective and will need to be replaced.

The second item, and this one is definately a must have for your maintenance department, is the Static Meter I. If your having issue with your production, how do you pin point what is causing the issue and where? If the issue is being caused by static, this becomes even harder to determine.

With this beauty of a device, you will not only determine whether static is playing a role in the disruption, but just how much static there is.

This is perfect for determing exactly where the problem lies and what solution you would be looking at.

There are the following accessories included for the Static Meter I wich include a spare battery, battery charger, an adapter and a clip adapter.

All this comes packaged in a custom Pelican case, which are renowned for their toughness so you can rest assured knowing your instruments will be safe.

Contact us today if you would like any further info on this product or any other Static Electricity related questions.