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Haug Germany                                                

The product design team at Haug are devoted exclusively to the development of state-of-the-art static measurement, control and generation products and systems for use in industrial processes. Without the distraction of non-static related products, Haug's design and development engineers remain focused on providing the ultimate in static control.



       Kist + Escherich Germany                                  

The World of Electrostatic and Surface Cleaning

Manufacturers and processors are being subjected to increasingly higher quality standards, in particular, the surface of products are being more noticed by clients. As well as this, most manufacturing and refining process require particularly clean surfaces to work on. For more then 30 years, Dr. Escherich has been researching and developing equipment specifically designed for the avoidance and removal of surface contaminants as well as the neutralization of electrostatic charges. With their understanding of electrostatic effects and their wide range equipment, you can be guaranteed Dr Eschrich has the tailor made solution for all your cleaning needs.


Merkle Germany                              

Antistatic brushes with aluminum borders, these come with either carbon fiber or high-grade steel fiber trimmings. The ideal solution for areas where low static charges are causing problems